SAR-Precision Bolt Action Rifles
Sub-MOA Performance 

The Sterling Arsenal Precision Bolt Action platform is offered as a standardized operating system (OS) configuration:

The OS offerings include:

  • Sterling Arsenal Custom Actions w/ integral HD recoil lug and 20 MOA optic base mount with reinforcement rib, extended rear tang, controlled feed extraction and extended threaded bolt handle, match trigger (Jewel, Timney, Jard, Geissele)
  • Match Cut-Rifled Barrel Blanks (Proof Research, Bartlien, Hawk Hill, Leija, or Kreiger) in several profiles, specific manufacturer choice based on availability and overall project scope
  • Chambering, threading, finish-contouring — we routinely chamber in .308, 6.5Creed, 6x47MM, 300WIN, 6MM-.284 Norma, 7MM, 338 Lapua, and other calibers 
  • Custom caliber and other markings / engraving, choice of single-color Cerakote (or upgraded patterns) along with Sub-MOA accuracy guarantee and life time warranty on every single component.

OS configurations start at $2685


Chassis or stock selection priced separately allowing customers to independently scale requirements and budgets. Sterling Arsenal offers a wide range of options to meet customer preferences, including: Accuracy International, XLR Industries, Mega, MDT, HS Precision, McMillan, Manners, and others.

We also blue-print and true your action, bolts (existing or new); add M16 extractor, threaded bolt handle, extended bolt knob, HD recoil lug, APA muzzle devices, and match trigger tuned to your specs


Sterling Arsenal offers a variety of optics, including digital night vision, thermal, and ranging optics from Nightforce, Pulsar, Trijicon, Khales, Schmidt & Bender, Leupold, Wilcox, and others

Reliability and Lifetime Guarantee: All firearms are range tested for reliability; we guarantee shot group performance for each project subject to environmental conditions, application, and ammunition selection.

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