NFA Manufacturing & Sales


Sterling Arsenal Builds, Customizes, Sells / Transfers NFA Firearms: 

  • Suppressors / Silencers: Largest silencer stocking dealer selection in Northern, VA– Silencerco, Q Live or Die, Dead Air, Energetic Arms, Rugged, SWR, Advanced Armament, SAS, Huntertown Arms, Thunderbeast Arms, Yankee Hill, Surefire Gemtech and we can order just about any other brand. We offer discounts and promos from our listed prices in the shop — please call or visit us to inquire about discounts and promos. 
  • Silencerco Law Enforcement / Military SPEQ Program Stocking Dealer: Sterling Arsenal provides members of the LE / Mil / First Responder communities substantial discounts on Silencerco’s awesome innovative products. Please click here for details: Silencerco SPEQ Program   
  • Short Barrel Rifles (SBR):  Built on our popular SAR-XV custom AR-15 platform, available calibers include 300BLK, 5.56MM, 6.8SPC, and 458 SOCOM. Complete integrated priced packages that include sound suppressors available. Options for AK47 and AK74 platforms also available.
  • Any Other Weapons (AOW): Non-shoulder fired pistol grip configured 3-shot or 4-shot compact Remington 870 shotguns; classic double-barrel configurations.
  • Machine Guns: Consign Buy Trade Sell registered transferable full-auto and burst machine guns 
  • Machine Guns: Buy / Sell Assistance and Custom Shop Test and Evaluation support for registered transferable machine guns
  • SAR-XV Machine Gun Platforms: For Qualifying Government Agencies Only (and SOT Dealers) — designed, purpose-built and affordable to the agency mission. Qualifying Agency and SOT dealer (Demonstration Sales) inquires welcome.

Sterling Arsenal NFA Services:

  • NFA Tax Stamp Process and E-Forms: We help customers establish an NFA Trust through our Legal Firm industry partners. Sterling Arsenal prepares and transmits(submits) all NFA paperwork and Taxes to the ATF to insure a simple and hassle-free process. To understand the process please email or call us.
  • Live Scan Fingerprint and Photo Processing: Digital Live Scan FBI approved fingerprint and photo processing on-site
  • On-Site Notary: Complimentary Notary Service available in the shop to notarize your NFA Trust and other documents
  • Title 2 Transfers (3rd Parties): “Class 3” NFA transfers from 3rd party dealers or private parties, click for Fee ScheduleWe do not charge additional fees for processing ATF Form 4 or Form 3 applications nor for sales transferred from our inventory of NFA firearms.
  • NFA Engraving: NFA compliant In-House CNC Machine and Laser Engraving starting at $75.

NFA Resources and Links

NFA Trust and Firearms Legal Assistance   
Sterling Arsenal refers customers to Arsenal Attorneys and The Law Office of John Pierce, Esq, both general practice law firms serving clients in Virginia and other jurisdictions reviewing and establishing NFA trusts, providing legal defense and rights resoration.


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