SAR-XV Mod3 AR-15
Rifles and Pistols

SAR-XV AR-15 Rifles and Pistols — built to gov’t OEM or enhanced match grade specifications with all USA-MADE components and affordably priced. (Dealer and Agency inquiries welcome. )

SAR-XV Mod2(Mod3 ) PREPR (Practical Ready Every Day Patrol Recon) AR-15 RIFLE Specifications:

  • Forged 7075-T6 anodized R70c hardened receivers with variable tension adjustment
  • Carpenter Steel Shot-Peened, MP Tested(Nitride Plated BCG), Full Profile Bolt Carrier Group; Low Profile(SS Nitrided) DI Gas Block
  • Mid-Length ported 16″ 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO (416R-SS Barrel;)QPQ Nitride Barrel, A2 Flash Hider(SLR Hybrid Comp-Flash Hider)
  • Free Float 15” Key Mod Rail System, Back-Up(Alloy Adjustable) Flip Sights, Push-Button Quick Detach Sling Mounts
  • SAR-Custom Shop Tuned Trigger, Ambidextrous Fire Controls;(Extended Charging Latch)
  • Mil-Spec Pattern 6-Position Extension Buffer Assembly and Magpul Stock and Grip(Mil-Spec 6-Position Receiver Buffer Extension with QD Sling Mount; Magpul SL Stock; K-Grip )
  • Barrel Length and Caliber Upgrade Configurations — 5.56MM, 300BLK, 6.8SPC, 458SOCOM, 9MM(Weighs 7.0lbs Unloaded (16″ 5.56MM); Complies with MD State (“HBAR” Specifications)
  • MD Compliant HBAR Configuration Upgrade Available
  • Range tested for reliability and mil-spec or better accuracy with commercial(mil-std) ammo
  • M16 Mil.Std Cleaning Kit(Magpul M3 PMag) and FIREClean CLP included
  • (Service and Technical Manual (downloadable pdf))
  • (LE-MIL IOP and Agency Pricing Available)
  • MSRP $1250($1550) Plus Upgrades; LE-Mil Pricing Program Available

SAR-XV Mod2 PREPR AR-15 PISTOL Specifications:

  • Custom forged 7075-T6 R70c anodized hardened receivers with variable tension adjustment
  • Carpenter steel shot-peened, MP tested, full profile bolt carrier group
  • QPQ Nitride Barrels in 10″ 5.56MM; 8″ 300BLK; 5″ and 7″ 9MM (Upgrade)
  • Free-Float Key Mod Rail System
  • Push-Button Quick Detach Sling Mounts
  • Back-Up Flip Sights
  • Magpul Grips and AFG or Hand-Stop
  • SAR-Custom Shop Tuned Trigger – Ambidextrous Fire Controls
  • Pistol Receiver Extension
  • Upgrade Options SAR-PRES Cheek Saddle and Law Tactical Gen3-M Folder
  • Piston Operating System upgrade option also available for 5.56MM
  • M16 Mil.Std Cleaning Kit and FIREClean CLP included
  • MSRP $1190 plus upgrade options; LE-Mill Pricing Available

(SAR-XV Mod3 Pistol Models and Options: 

  • SAR-XV Mod3 10.5″ 5.56MM or 8.5″ 300BLK Pistol (receiver extension only) — $1430
  • SAR-XV Mod3 8.5″ 9MM Pistol– $1612
  • SB Tactical SBA3 Collapsible Brace — $120
  • SAR-PRES Pistol Receiver Extension System — $175
  • Law Tactical Gen3-M Folder — $240)

SAR-XV Mod2 COMBAT-MATCH AR-15 RIFLE Specifications:

  • Forged 7075-T6 anodized R70c hardened receivers with variable tension adjustment
  • CrNi Plated Carpenter Steel Shot-Peened, MP Tested, Full Profile BCG; Low Profile Gas Block
  • Mid-Length Ported 16″ 1:7 Twist 5.56 NATO 416-R SS AlOx Grey Finish DMR Contour Barrel with Muzzle Break or choice of silencer mount; Mk12 SPR configuration also available
  • Free Float 15” Extended Key Mod Rail System
  • Back-Up Flip Sights
  • Push-Button Quick Detach Sling Mounts
  • JP Match Tuned Trigger, Ambidextrous Fire Controls
  • Mil-Spec Pattern 6-Position Extension H-Series Buffer Assembly and Magpul Stock and Grip
  • Alternative Calibers and Barrel Length Configurations Available
  • MD Compliant HBAR Configuration
  • Range tested for reliability and 1-MOA or better accuracy with commercial ammo
  • Mil.Std Cleaning Kit and FIREClean CLP included
  • MSRP $1650; LE-Mil Pricing Program Available

Available Upgrades:

(Other Available Calibers, Configurations and Upgrades:
  • 300 Blackout 16″ (or 8.5″ SBR or Pistol) 1:7 Twist Nitrided Barrel — No Add’l Charge
  • 5.56MM 10.5″ Mod3 SBR or Pistol 1:7 Twist Nitrided Barrel —  No Add’l Charge
  • 5.56MM Mk18 Mod0 or Mod1 SBR — $275
  • 9MM 8″ Mod3 SBR 1:10 Twist Nitride Barrel and Receiver Module — $150
  • SAR-XV Mod3 Complete 5.56MM or 300BLK Upper — $1000
  • One-Color Cerakote — $125
  • Two-Color Cerakote Fade Pattern — $180
  • Multi-Color Cerakote Stencil Camo Patterns (e.g. Digital, Kryptek, MultiCam) — $400
  • Piston Operating System (5.56MM only) — $300
  • Adjustable Gas Block — $60
  • Left-Hand Ejection Upper / Bolt Carrier Group (5.56MM, 300BLK, 6.8SPC) — $100)

(Combat Match Upgrades (include one-color Cerakote):

  • Combat Match Sub-MOA Package — CrNi BCG and JP Trigger / Speed Hammer — $350
  • 5.56MM 12.5″ Mod3 SBR 1:7 Twist 416R-SS Barrel — $150
  • 5.56MM Mk12 Mod3 SPR or DMR w/ Govt Match AEM5 Barrel Profile (16″ or 18″) — $450
  • 458 SOCOM 16″ (or 12″ SBR) 1:14 Twist 416R-SS Barrel — $250
  • 6.8SPC 16″, 18″, or 12″ 1:11 Twist 416R-SS — $250)

Reliability and Lifetime Guarantee: All firearms are range tested for reliability; we expect mil-spec or better performance using commercial ammo. Our limited lifetime guarantee covers every single part and component. Use of Steel – Lacquered Cased Ammunition voids warranty for barrels and bolts.

Technical Manual: Click Here to Download Mil.Std M16 – M4 Technical Manual

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