FFL & Private Party Transfers

(FFL Transfers and Shipping Services)

Sterling Arsenal accepts (inbound / outbound) firearm transfers (from / to) our Preferred Dealer Network and dozens of other licensed dealers from across the country. We also accept transfers directly from private individuals. 

(Sterling Arsenal accepts Firearm Transfers from and to third-party dealers and individuals. We also perform Shipping Services. Transfer and Shipping Services are performed by appointment.) 

Contact us first to check pricing and availability of firearms that we already have in-stock at the shop — in particular AR rifles, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Colt, Remington, FNH, H&K, etc.  Our in-stock pricing is competitive, especially on premium firearms, after you consider in-shop discount programs, shipping and other fees — call us!  

You can also save money by ordering directly from our Preferred Discount On-Line Partner 


Sterling Arsenal reserves the right to reject transfers from dealers that sell new production firearms at prices below minimum advertised pricing (MAP) or other price schedules which would violate our own industry stocking dealer agreements. 

Inbound Transfer Fees
Sterling Arsenal does not charge a fee for reimbursement of the VA State Police Background Check Fee

VAGUNSHOP.COM online store transfers incur one $25 fee for up to five firearms per purchase order

          Fees billable to Transferee for transfer of firearms brought or delivered to Sterling Arsenal purchased or otherwise acquired from other Licensed Dealers or             Non-Licensed Individuals

  • One Firearm $68
  • Two Firearms $95
  • Three Firearms $115
  • Four or more fireams billed at Three Firearms plus $20 increment per additional firearm
  • NFA Transfer fee per serial number $200
 Inbound Transfer Steps

Transfer From a Licensed Dealer:

  1. Purchase firearm from dealer
  2. Email support@sterlingarsenal.com with your seller’s name, phone number, and email, include manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number
  3. Sterling Arsenal emails Transferee confirming the seller has our information and then again when firearm is received to schedule transfer / background check appointment.

Transfer From Non-Licensed Private Individual:

  1. Finalize terms of purchase with seller
  2. Email the seller’s and recipient’s name, phone number, and email, include manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number; Sterlng Arsenal will reply indicating information has been exchanged / received
  3. (a) Sterling Arsenal contacts seller requesting driver’s license image and provides FFL information and shipping instructions OR (b) if Transferee intends to bring firearm to Sterling Arsenal for transfer to another Non-Licensed Private Individual (Transferor), Sterling Arsenal schedule appointment(s) with transferor and transferee to complete the transfer(s) / background check
  4. Sterling Arsenal emails Transferee when firearm arrives and is ready for pick-up to schedule a transfer / background check appointment.

 Outbound Transfers and Shipping Service
Fees billable to Transferor for firearms brought to Sterling Arsenal for transfer or shipment to Third-Party Dealers and Non-Licensed Individuals

Outbound Transfer Fees:

  • One Firearm $65 plus Packing and Shipping 
  • Two Firearms $90 plus Packing and Shipping
  • Three Firearms $110 plus Packing and Shipping 
  • Four or more Firearms billed at Three Firearms plus $20 increment per additional firearm

Packing and Shipping Service:

  • Handgun packing fee $10 per shipping box; Long Gun packing fee $18 per shipping box
  • We ship all handguns UPS / FedEx 2-Day; All long guns ship UPS / FedEx Ground
  • Shipping Fees vary by destination, dimension, and weight
  • Service includes tracking number – just drop off your firearm(s), copy of your ID, and recipient FFL dealer info and you’re done! You will receive shipping tracking via email.
FFL Transfer Terms and Conditions
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Customers pick-up / drop-off firearm transfers by appointment during posted business hours.
  • Background Checks: Background Checks are performed at the time firearms are picked up. 
  • Sales Taxes: Virginia Sales Tax is applied to Transfer Fees.
  • Abandoned Inbound Transfers: Firearms transferred to Sterling Arsenal are considered abandoned if not picked up within 30 calendar days unless arrangements are made within the 30 calendar day period. Abandoned firearms will be retained or disposed as deemed practical by Sterling Arsenal.
  • Returned or Cancelled Transfers: Customer is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a seller; customer will also pay a $55 surcharge to cover the cost of recording the acquisition and deposition of the firearm.
  • Shipping to Licensed FFL Dealers: All Firearm Transfers ship to an FFL.
  • Firearm Inspection: Sterling Arsenal inspects ALL shipments in and out of our facility upon receipt.
  • Sterling Arsenal will not be held liable for any defects, damage, or malfunctions of firearms or lost or missing firearms Transferred (Inbound or Outbound) to / from third parties.